Below are some of the base packages I offer. However if you don't see exactly what you are looking for, please do still get in touch as I tailor custom packages. Prices given on enquiry.
Early Support Programme co-ordinates health, education and social care support.
Neutral factual support and Information, for those worried about or experiencing difficulties, issues or concerns in school, home, work. Working together we seek avenues of support, whilst focusing on the family's own skills and strengths to make positive changes.
Trusted online experienced Neurodiversity tutors helping to unlock your or your child's potential from primary, to secondary and beyond.
Using our online classroom developed with the help of students and tutors, features everything you need for a smooth, interactive learning experience. Share screens, swap files, and make notes on the virtual whiteboard it's the perfect tool for online learning. Online tuition is tailored to your needs, you get a hand picked tutor to match your personal requirements. Tutoring on your terms, and if you don't click with your tutor we can try again.

So for the child who needs a bit of extra help preparing for their maths GCSE, or the family who loves visiting France and are eager to improve their language skills to the child who wants to Improve her confidence in her KS2 maths lessons we have trusted, experienced and dedicated tutors ready to help you with your learning journey.
Specialist teaching and environment services.
Bespoke depending on the needs and requirements of the children, young people, family, education staff, workplace such as:

  • PECCS, TEACCH, Sensory, Intensive Interaction and Sherborne
  • Safeguarding (responsibilities, signs of abuse, promoting wellbeing)
  • Planning and organisation
  • Study Skills
  • Social, emotional and mental health (SEMH)
  • Nutrition and wellbeing program (includes problematic eating)
  • Document support (e.g. educational, psychology reports, annual reviews, EHCP, EOTAS)
Educational support for Pre school, School or Further Education.
I provide support and guidance to those around children and young people in an educational, group or home school setting, who have a learning difficulty or has a significantly greater difficulty in learning than the majority of others of the same age, or reasons which causes struggles for them making use of educational facilities and curriculum.
I believe no one should miss out on support. Contact me for offers available to those in receipt of pupil premium or in times of need.